Skipper Portugal Yacht Charter Safety and Comfort #1

Skipper Portugal Yacht Charter Safety and Comfort #1

Welcome aboard

Be aware of our safety briefing. It is important to know that an Algarve boat trip in Vilamoura is well planned. We know where we are going, what the expectations are and, of course, it includes instructions in case something goes wrong.

The sea is something passionate, with a stunning beauty, but it can, in adverse circumstances, be very unpleasant and uncomfortable.

If you want to charter a yacht from Vilamoura, take some time to plan the tour, even if it is a day charter in the Algarve. If you want to clarify doubts, talk to Skipper Portugal Yacht Charters™.

let’s see the weather.

Algarve boat trip on Skipper Portugal Yacht Charter™ safety and comfort is of the utmost importance, our highest priority.

Our Algarve boat tours can carry up to 18 guests… this gives us added responsibility for your comfort and safety on the yacht.

Your crew is prepared and is happy to help you with any question. Our crews speak English, French and Spanish.

If someone forgets the sunscreen, after a few hours with an amount of “light” that we are not used to (because of the reflection in the water) the sunburn lurks… especially with children. We also have a factor of 30 or 50 on board. But it is better to be safe and put on the cream before boarding the yacht charter.

Don’t worry about bringing a beach towel. You can use ours.

It doesn’t take experience aboard a yacht to know that there’s nothing more boring if one of your friends or family gets seasick. Take the anti-sickness pill one hour before boarding.

Skipper Portugal Yacht Charter™ has these pills on board, if you haven’t taken them, take them as soon as you get on board one of our yachts.

At sea, the temperature even when the yacht is rented in Vilamoura in the summer, during the day, but especially at the end, will surely be cooler. Sunsets are only fun if we can enjoy them in comfort. Ask us for a blanket if you feel the coolness of the twilight or bring a warm coat for your Algarve tour and boat.

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