Yacht Charter Terms and conditions

Thank you for including Skipper Portugal Yacht Charters™ in your vacation program. You can make your reservation and payment online, through our payment platform, or if you feel more secure just talk to us.

We accept all credit cards on the market. If you would like to pay Skipper Portugal Yacht Charters for your boat rental with several cards, please contact us.

Choose one of the programs we have prepared, adapt it to your taste with the “ad-ons” you want. Spend an amazing day with friends and family by renting a yacht from Vilamoura in the Algarve. If you want something “tailor-made”, talk to Skipper™ and call us.

If using the online booking platform follow the instructions. We will be notified when you book. Payment for the boat rental does not have to be made in full immediately. After choosing a program and date, we ask you to confirm your reservation with a deposit of 40% of its value.

The 60% of the remaining amount is paid before the start of the tour, and may be on board the rented vessel.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, provided your credit is confirmed before the reserved date.

The vessel does not leave the mooring station without the service being paid in full.

Deposit amounts are non-refundable. For this amount to be refunded, see the cancellation conditions.

If the customer arrives one hour (for a half day program) or two hours (for a one day program) after departure time, the program will be canceled without refund. In either case, if the client arrives late, the time will be deducted from the total duration of the program.

If for reasons of force majeure Skipper Portugal Yacht Charter™ cannot carry out the program (due to illness, accident, safety problems with the boat, etc.), all amounts paid will be refunded in full.

No other conditions, penalties or compensation are accepted.

Safety on board ships depends on the weather.

Skipper™ regularly monitors and analyzes weather conditions. Two or three days before any event, we know what forecast to expect.

If alerts are issued by the National Civil Protection Authority, or by the Maritime Authority, namely by the Captaincies of the Ports of Faro and Portimão, of dangers to navigation that may put the occupants and the vessel at risk, we will try to reschedule the vessel’s rental. If this is not possible, the price of the reservation will be refunded.

Personal belongings, including clothing and toiletries, should be chosen carefully (avoid too much or too little) and packed in a soft bag. More fragile items (cameras, cell phones, etc.) should be kept in waterproof bags.

Don’t forget to bring a hat and sunscreen (whatever the time of year), sunglasses, warm clothes and waterproofs. All footwear MUST have a white or natural colored rubber sole, if it is hot go barefoot on the boat.

The ships have a pharmacy and Skipper™ has specific training in First Aid.

Yachts managed by Skipper™ are equipped with all regulatory safety materials, including pharmacy and related equipment, individual life jackets, life rafts, automatic emergency locating radio beacon and very-lights.

At Skipper Portugal Yacht Charters™ it never happened, but…

In case of an emergency or accident (on our boat or others that we have to assist) keep calm. Help the most sensitive:  children, teenagers and adults to remain stable. Make yourself available to the crew to help.